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When a Pap test comes back with an irregular result or an abnormality is discovered during a pelvic exam, your OB-GYN may deem it necessary to perform a colposcopy to look more closely for signs of disease and possibly obtain a tissue sample for biopsy. The procedure is named for the instrument used to perform it, which is a colposcope. The colposcope is a special magnifying tool that allows the doctor to more thoroughly visualize the vaginal area, including the cervix and vulva.  This 10-20 minute procedure, coupled with a biopsy of any suspicious cells that are found, is an effective means of initially diagnosing cancerous and pre-cancerous conditions, genital warts, and cervicitis (inflammation of the cervix). Depending on its results, further testing and treatment may be required.

At East Pasco Women’s Care, OB-GYNs Dr. Annette Williams and Dr. Michael Weiss are highly competent diagnosticians who are uniquely sensitive to every woman’s concerns upon learning of the need for a colposcopy and/or biopsy. Many times, this added examination helps rule out a serious issue, rather than confirming an unwelcome diagnosis. But when and if a problem is detected, early treatment can make all the difference -- and they are the specialists to provide that care at every step of the process. You can be confident about our physicians’ capabilities as well as their genuine compassion for every patient, so there’s no need to hesitate about calling our practice at 813.782.8761 or making an appointment request online if you are in need of advanced gynecologic evaluation and care.