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IUD Placement

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IUD stands for intrauterine device and is an effective, long-lasting form of birth control. The physicians at East Pasco Women’s Care offer two kinds of IUD that are similar but have certain unique characteristics.

Mirena IUD – This highly effective form of birth control is generally recommended for women who have had children or know they do not wish to have children for at least five years. The 1.5-inch, T-shaped device is placed in the uterus with a small tubular insertion device and releases a small amount of progestin hormone to provide contraception, as well as to decrease menstrual bleeding and cramping. In many women, the menstrual cycle stops completely.

Skyla IUD – This IUD may be recommended for women regardless of whether they have had a child and can be used for up to three years. It is slightly smaller than the Mirena device and releases a smaller amount of hormone to provide birth control.

Placement of an IUD can be accomplished by your OB-GYN in a matter of minutes. Your doctor will advise you about how to check that the device is still in place after every period, and of course, can answer any questions you may have. We welcome you to consult with one of our doctors about IUDs and other forms of birth control. Simply fill out an online appointment request form or call us at 813.782.8761 today.