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Transobturator Sling/Tape

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Transobturator sling or tape is the least invasive method available for treating stress urinary incontinence and urinary leakage in women. It works by providing a “sling” which wraps around and supports the urethra. When in place, the sling can prevent or greatly reduce the incidence of urinary leakage when pressure (or “stress”) is put on the urethra as a woman coughs, sneezes or moves in a certain way. A majority of women who have chosen to have this device report a complete resolution of their symptoms over the long-term, though certain complications can occur that your doctor will fully discuss with you. Like most minimally-invasive procedures that are performed by our highly skilled OB-GYNs, the placement of a transobturator sling is usually done on an outpatient basis and allows for a relatively quick recovery time.  

For more information on this innovative solution to stress incontinence in women or to see if the device might be right for you, contact our office at 813.782.8761. You may also choose to fill out an online appointment request here.